Using SPSS in healthcare settings – on demand webinar

In this webinar, we look at how analysts and researchers can address a host of healthcare-related applications in SPSS Statistics. The session includes demonstrations of a number of analytical techniques such as those Patient Satisfaction surveys and clinical outcomes research.

Getting started with SPSS syntax

In this webinar we’ll show you how to get to grips with SPSS syntax, covering the basics of SPSS Syntax, easy ways to find help about how syntax works, useful tips and little-known procedures, and automating work to run on a regular basis.

The basics of SPSS syntax

SPSS Syntax has long been exploited by expert analysts due to its flexibility, power and ease of learning. Syntax vastly increases users’ productivity by making it easier to automate commonly used procedures.

What is in each SPSS Statistics module?

Click on each link below to find out more about which procedures and functions are in each SPSS module. SPSS Statistics Base Advanced Statistics AMOS Bootstrapping Categories Complex Samples Conjoint Custom Tables Data Preparation Decision Trees Direct Marketing Exact Tests Forecasting Missing Values Neural Networks Regression SPSS subscriptions SPSS bundles

Introducing survival analysis

This video looks at the key concepts that underpin survival analysis such as time-to-event data, censored cases and the different survival analysis procedures available in IBM SPSS Statistics.

The Kaplan Meier procedure

This video looks at the non-parametric Kaplan Meier procedure including tests of equality of survival distributions and the difference between survival and hazard functions.

Introduction to Cox regression

This video introduces the Cox Regression method and explains the proportional hazards model. Shows how to interpret the output from Cox Regression using a simple model with a single predictor.

Correlation analysis with SPSS Statistics

In this webinar Jarlath Quinn takes a deep dive into correlation analysis in SPSS Statistics. Correlations coefficients are one of the most widely-employed analytical techniques used to assess whether linear relationships exist between separate variables.

Introduction to linear regression

In classical statistics, linear regression is regarded as the ‘gateway to predictive modelling’. For decades students have been taught about regression from theory to practice simply because it still one of the most versatile and simple ways to understand and predict the effect of key factors on critical outcomes.

Modelling non-linear relationships with SPSS

In this video Jarlath Quinn shows how you can move beyond simple linear regression to model curvilinear relationships using techniques such as variable transformations and quadratic regression before finally exploring how log-log regression can be used to model price elasticity of demand.

Data driven marketing

This free educational webinar focuses on the value of predictive and advanced analytics in database marketing. You will learn how you can apply predictive analytics to both your outbound and inbound marketing campaigns in order to reduce your costs and increase your response and conversion rates.

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