How we work

Just getting started?

We can help you wherever you find yourself on the analytics spectrum. If your organisation is just starting out, perhaps you have some business intelligence and general reporting infrastructure in place and you now want to begin to squeeze more insight and value from the data you own? We can help you get started.

Experienced analyst?

Perhaps you are further down the analytics spectrum. You may have run a few projects that have demonstrated some initial value. We can help you to take this to the next level, whether that’s deploying your models in a more automated way or expanding the scale and range of analysis that you are capable of. We can help here too.

See value straight away

When working with a client for the first time we generally suggest some form of ‘production pilot’ project. This means a clearly scoped and well defined project with some agreed goals and success criteria, the results of which will be deployed and used to inform operational decision making in your business so you start to see value straight away.

Practical result-focused implementation

In practical terms, we can help you with initial projects and enablement, we can help accelerate the development of analytics in your business and, if advanced analytics is already a relatively mature practice, we can help with technology integration and measures to enable ongoing continuous improvement.

We offer practical, objective advice and guidance supported with expert resources, professional services and technology provision, all with a focus on advanced and predictive analytics.

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