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We have a team of experts in the training and practical use of advanced and predictive analytics. Each of our consultants has a minimum of 15 years practical, applied experience working with clients from a wide range of industry sectors and public service organisations.

This depth and breadth of expertise means that we are extremely well placed to support you and your organisation as you get you own predictive and advanced analytics function up and running. This includes training and supporting those who are relatively new to the world of predictive analysis as well as working with clients on more advanced projects.

We offer a number of approaches to ensure that the training we deliver matches the needs of your organisation.

Private onsite classes

If there are a number of SPSS users in your organisation then you may find that bespoke tailored training delivered onsite at your organisation offers better value. We can focus on the specific skills that you will require and using your organisation’s own data to complete tailored and meaningful training exercises that will remain relevant and valuable long after the formal training has been completed.

These private training classes can be designed to develop skills for those new to predictive analytics, and the approach also works well for helping more experienced users to develop the next level of skills required.

Typically a private onsite programme will be structured over a small number of days (2 or 3 is typical although we can of course offer longer programmes to cover a broader curriculum) and these can be delivered in a continuous series or we can break delivery into phases to enable the day job to get done too and to allow the learning from the previous phase to bed down before pressing on with the next phase.  Before the training is delivered we’ll discuss with you how best to structure it based on your specific requirements

Classes can be for two or three people and up to 10 people.

One-to-one guided consulting

If you are the first analyst in your organisation to be taking responsibility for the development of predictive analytics then one-to-one guided consulting is a great way to get moving and to quickly build momentum.

One-to-one guided consulting is a blend of formal skills transfer and practical on the job training. The focus and structure is entirely flexible and will be customised completely to your requirements.

The particular benefit of the one to one approach is that it enables training and skills transfer to be blended seamlessly with actual project work; producing output and models that you can put to work operationally in your organisation.

The ‘one to one’ approach is highly effective if you have small numbers of people involved in advanced analytics in your organisation or if you have a particular project that you have not tackled before and you need to get going with.  It is a great catalyst to getting results quickly.

As with other approaches our key differentiator is flexibility.  Programmes can be structured to suit your exact requirements in terms of content, time and phased delivery.  Delivery formats can also be blended allowing for some onsite, face to face delivery with additional elements being delivered as shorter online sessions.  Flexibility and focus on your organisations detailed requirements is the key.

Guided consulting can be delivered either to one or two people at a time.

Online guided training

If you’re not sure where to start and would like some training on how to get started with SPSS, or to help get your particular project set up correctly then we can assist.

You can book online, tailored training with our expert consultants by the hour. You can book as much or as little training time as you need.

There’s a minimum training time of two hours for the first order but after that it’s entirely up to you – you can order additional time in increments of one hour. You can take all your training hours in one block or you can spread them over the duration of your project, calling them in half hour slots. You can arrange this directly with the consulting team that you’re working with.

Your training will be web-based, interactive, delivered by an SPSS specialist and completely personalised and tailored to your particular requirements. It will be delivered ‘on the job’ – there’s no need waste any time out of the office.

We have created this approach to enable our new and existing clients to invest at a level that reflects the need for small deliveries of expert assistance perhaps to fill a specific gap or to get to grips with legacy analysis (perhaps created by an analyst doing the job before you).

What our clients say about our training

I had attended a couple of demos and training sessions at IBM when we first started to look at the SPSS modular tool. They then referred us to their approved supplier – Smart Vision. Both John and Berni clearly understood our industry and instantly understood our requirements. The training has been great – in our office and using our data which means I could start using the software straightaway to make some real, measurable impacts. If I have any questions I know I can just email or pick up the phone and get a resolution.

Stephen Plimmer, One Bank Plc

Smart Vision have helped us with training as well which they have specifically tailored for us: another feather in their cap. Other companies would charge us a fortune and we’d have to go to London but Smart Vision will come to our offices in Bradford and run it here. It’s just so much easier because they’re so client-centric. We’d advocate anybody going to Smart Vision. It’s refreshing to pick the phone up and talk to somebody who wants to help. From our dealings so far with Smart Vision I’d give them 10 out of 10.

Richard Pascoe, Provident Savings Bank

We highly recommend this training which greatly assisted us in developing best practices and provided helpful hints and tips, effectively showcasing a range of different ways Modeler could be swiftly deployed to meet our client’s requirements. The effort the SV team had put in to work around what is a very busy time for us was also very much appreciated, combined with the quality of the training materials and the very personable approach taken by Jarlath, our trainer, we would happily work with Smart Vision again in the future.

Chris Broome, Karian and Box
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