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Getting started with SPSS syntax

In this webinar we’ll show you how to get to grips with SPSS syntax, covering the basics of SPSS Syntax, easy ways to find help about how syntax works, useful tips and little-known procedures, and automating work to run on a regular basis.

Customer Analytics for Dummies eBook

Download your free copy of our Customer Analytics for Dummies eBook. It will help you with understanding customer analytics, acquiring and segmenting valuable customers, recognising customer lifetime value, enhancing customer loyalty and retention, extracting value out of social media.

Machine learning for dummies

In this book, you will discover types of machine learning techniques, models, and algorithms that can help achieve results for your company. This information helps both business and technical leaders learn how to apply machine learning to anticipate and predict the future.

The insider’s guide to predictive analytics

Predictive analytics projects fail all the time. In this book, Jarlath Quinn draws on his experiences and those of his colleagues to explore precisely what drives success or failure in predictive analytics projects. When it works, why does it work and what can be done to manage the risk of failure?

Writing IBM SPSS Statistics extension commands

If you’re familiar with programming languages such as Python or R then you can use them to extend the functionality of SPSS, automate more processes and make your jobs more stable and robust. This white paper tells you how to develop such IBM SPSS Statistics extension commands.

The hows and whys of survey research

This white paper discusses survey research by breaking it up into a seven step process — and clearly detailing how you maximize your efforts every step of the way. At each stage, it also shows how IBM SPSS predictive analytics technology can improve your results.

Real world examples of predictive analytics

This white paper presents a number of typical, real world examples of predictive analytics and shows how it can be used to address key business issues, with the aim of illustrating practical ways in which analytical capabilities can be deployed in a range of different organisations.

R and SPSS Software – everyone wins

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the benefits of using R and SPSS together, rather than simply trying to go it alone with R. With SPSS software, R users get access to superior data management, a point-and-click interface, presentation-quality output and improved scalability.

Predictive fundraising analytics

Predictive analytics uses advanced algorithms to analyze donor data and deliver a 360-degree view of individual donors. Read this white paper to learn how to gain insight into the needs, preferences and behaviors of donors.

Predictive analytics in higher education

This white paper is designed to explain predictive analytics, followed by a look at how it can impact activity at the highest levels of institutional management. We provide examples of how predictive analytics has been used at a variety of institutions, including a review of its potential pitfalls and benefits.

Maximise your investment in IBM SPSS Statistics

IBM SPSS Statistics is an incredibly powerful analytical tool. This event provides an overview of the range of modules available in SPSS and what each one does in order to help those relatively new to SPSS to understand its potential and identify new ways in which they could be using it.

Enhancing the power of SPSS Modeler with Regular Expressions

The new RX nodes in IBM SPSS Modeler extend the Visual Data Science approach of SPSS Modeler itself to Regular Expression handling.

In this webinar we demonstrate how you can use the power of REGEX to perform the most typical text handling tasks, without the pain of learning yet another programming language.

A step beyond spreadsheets

If you’re currently using spreadsheet tools such as Excel for your analytics then this webinar will give you an insight into how dedicated analytics tools like IBM SPSS can help you to take your analytics to the next level.

Advanced charts and reporting with PS Imago Pro

This webinar shows you how to create professional analytical reports, use an extensive portfolio of professional and innovative visualizations, and benefit from of data-manipulation procedures.
You will also learn to use a dedicated, flexible reporting application to consolidate and display multiple outputs and share reports across the organisation including via web portals.

Customising SPSS procedures

Creating custom procedures can dramatically increase your productivity in SPSS and the good news. This webinar shows how you don’t need to be an expert user or know how to ‘code’ in order achieve this.

An overview of Watson Desktop Studio

View this webinar to see how to use Watson Studio Desktop’s powerful visual analytics to explore your data, clean and prepare data files in readiness for predictive analytics. Learn how to build and assess predictive models and to test the accuracy of your predictions and apply them to new data.

Improving predictive models with SPSS Modeler

Using IBM SPSS Modeler, this webinar will demonstrate methods to improve the accuracy of predictive models. It should be noted that most of these approaches are not unique to the SPSS Modeler application and may have relevance for people working with alternative software packages.

Text analytics for surveys

Free text data is often thought to be difficult or time-consuming to analyse, so much so that in many organisations this kind of data is collected but then not really effectively analysed at all. This session is designed to show you how easy it is to analyse this kind of data and get real value from the research you’re doing.

Getting started with decision trees in SPSS

Decision trees are used extensively and widely within predictive analytics. In this webinar we discuss how decision trees can be used to build profiles of customers, employees and clients; find key behavioural segments and generate predictive models. You’ll learn how to generate decision trees in SPSS and how to interpret your results.

Effective deployment and use of predictive models

When you’re in the thick of the analysis phase of a data mining or predictive analytics project it’s easy to forget about how you’re actually going to deploy your model, but deployment is really critical to the success of any project. In this webinar we examine different methods for effectively deploying the result of your modelling within your organisation.

Getting started with IBM SPSS Statistics

This webinar provides a brief introduction to the core functionality of IBM SPSS Statistics – ideal for anyone who is considering investing in SPSS Statistics or has already got it but isn’t sure that they’re making the most of it. This webinar helps you get up and running quickly and shows you some of the power of SPSS.

Predictive analytics for database marketing using SPSS Modeler

This webinar presents different applications of predictive analytics for database marketers. The aim is to help organisations understand how they can use the information in their marketing database to more effectively acquire new customers as well as to retain those they already have and maximise their value to the organisation.

An introduction to CRISP DM

This webinar provides an introduction to the CRISP-DM methodology and discussed how best to manage each stage of the process in order to maximise your chances of success.

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