How Smart Vision can help the NHS and other healthcare organisations

SPSS is widely used and trusted across the National Health Service and the wider UK healthcare sector. At Smart Vision Europe we already support more than 40 NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts to use SPSS for a wide range of applications from clinical research, healthcare analytics and risk assessment to analysis of electronic patient records and insights into the drivers of patient satisfaction.  

We guarantee to offer our NHS clients the best value SPSS licensing options for their needs. Talk to us today about how we can help you ensure you don’t pay more than you need to for the SPSS software you need.

Here are some examples of ways in which Smart Vision NHS clients are using SPSS today.

Predictive modelling

Using predictive modelling to identify the likelihood of a certain event occurring. For example: likelihood of patient readmission following a hospital stay, within 30 days of discharge. Understanding patterns of unscheduled readmission helps patient care planning and helps support financial efficiency.

Optimising efficiency

Optimising outpatient and day procedure efficiency by analysing data to identify patients that are at risk of not attending their appointment. Steps can then be taken, early enough to reduce the ‘did not attend’ outcome, such as contact to assist with transport. This supports better patient outcomes and minimises the waste of time and financial resources created by missed appointments.

Personalised healthcare

Using data science and advanced analytics to support the creation and delivery of personalised and tailored healthcare. For patients with complex medical histories suffering from more than one condition, analytics can help identify risk factors, such as risk of diabetes, in order that preventative measures can be taken.

Odds ratios

Using SPSS to make sense of and prioritise risk and treatment efficacy through the use of sophisticate analytical techniques, such as odds ratios.

Survival analysis

Using survival analysis, a powerful analytical approach that is often employed in medical applications where researchers are interested in modelling the effects of different treatments or conditions upon patient survival time.

Structural equation modelling

Using structural equation modelling (SEM) to analyse complex relationships among multiple variables that allow researchers to investigate relationships between, for example, physiologic, clinical, and health outcome variables.

Other resources that may be of interest

We have a substantial library of free training videos and on demand webinars covering a vast array of different applications of SPSS. Here are a few that are of particular relevance to healthcare applications.

  • Bayesian analysis in SPSS – In this series of videos we explore Bayesian approaches to statistical analysis and show how to perform and interpret a Bayesian independent samples test in SPSS Statistics.
  • Modelling non-linear relationships in SPSS – This video shows how you can move beyond simple linear regression to model curvilinear relationships using techniques such as variable transformations and quadratic regression before finally exploring how log-log regression can be used.
  • An introduction to moderation analysis – This form of analysis enables analysts to identify interaction effects that alter the relationship between a dependent and independent variable.
  • An introduction to mediation analysis – This is an analytical approach used to test if a third factor could represent the underlying cause of a relationship between an independent and dependent variable.

Why work with Smart Vision Europe?

NHS and other healthcare organisations across the UK choose to work with Smart Vision Europe because, beyond providing the best statistical and data science software, we offer real added value to helps our NHS clients get the very best return on their investment in healthcare analytics. All our clients benefit from:

  • Advice on the most efficient and cost effective way of licensing SPSS in your NHS Trust
  • Excellent advice, guidance and support to ensure that you make the right investment decision and at the most competitive prices. All delivered by our experienced, friendly, flexible and knowledgeable team.
  • Unrivalled technical, and end user support to ensure that your SPSS solution is delivered and implemented quickly with minimal fuss. Once up and running our Technical Support Team are on hand to provide the support you need, when you need it.
  • All our clients, who invest in SPSS and our wider data science capability are granted free of charge access to the full range of our online and self paced training programmes. The online training catalogue covers the full range of SPSS, statistical and data science course.
  • Access to our expert training and consulting team who can be hired to assist your analytics and data science project. We work with our clients flexibly, ensuring we adapt to suit your specific requirements and meet your analytical objectives.
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