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SPSS Statistics

How do I know which SPSS modules I have installed?
How do I update my SPSS licence activation code?
How do I change the language in SPSS?
How do I transfer my SPSS licence to another PC?
What’s new in version 25 of SPSS?
How do I upgrade to version 25 of SPSS?
What’s the difference between the various licence types?
Can I try SPSS Statistics for free?
How can I activate my SPSS licence without internet access?

SPSS Modeler

Which version of SPSS Modeler do I need?
Can I try SPSS Modeler for free?


How do I choose the correct statistical test? 
What’s the difference between the various types of statistical models?
What is a chi squared test and when would I use it?
What is correlation and when is it useful?