Introducing Bayesian analysis with SPSS

In this series of videos Jarlath Quinn explores Bayesian approaches to statistical analysis and shows how to perform and interpret a Bayesian independent samples test in SPSS Statistics.

Part 1 Introducing Bayesian Analysis with SPSS

Explores the historical and theoretical context of the classical ‘Frequentist’ statistical approach and its Bayesian counterpart

Part 2 Prior Probabilities and Bayes Theorem

Introduces the concept of Prior Probabilities and how these are utilised in Bayes Theorem

Part 3 Bayesian Estimation and Hypothesis Testing in SPSS

Introduces credible intervals and the use of Bayes Factor as an alternative to P values

Part 4 Performing Bayesian Analyses in SPSS

Shows how to perform a Bayesian Analysis in SPSS Statistics and how to interpret the output

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