Lorna Walker

Getting started with regression techniques in SPSS Statistics

This webinar focuses on the application and value of regression techniques in the IBM SPSS Statistics products. The session will give you a straightforward overview of how simple regression techniques can help your business and how to get started with regression analysis in SPSS. In just 60 minutes you will learn how easy it is to perform simple but powerful regression analysis using IBM SPSS software.

Data driven marketing

This free educational webinar focuses on the value of predictive and advanced analytics in database marketing. You will learn how you can apply predictive analytics to both your outbound and inbound marketing campaigns in order to reduce your costs and increase your response and conversion rates.

Introduction to UNICOM Intelligence Reporter

This event focused on the application and value of using UNICOM Intelligence Reporter (formerly IBM SPSS Survey Reporter), giving a straightforward overview of how UNICOM Intelligence Reporter can be used to speed up the production of flexible tables as part of any research or analytical project.

Data cleaning in SPSS

In this free educational webinar Jarlath Quinn shows how clean and prepare data for analysis using standard functionality in SPSS Statistics. Jarlath will demonstrate: Identify and remove duplicate cases Flag variables containing excessive missing data Identify extreme values and anomalous cases Create rules to check for out-of-range values or illogical relationships Quickly update and change …

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