Jarlath Quinn

A veteran of the predictive analytics industry working under the auspices of SAS, IBM and SPSS, Jarlath is pre-sales director at Smart Vision Europe. He is one of the most experienced SPSS trainers in the industry.

Modelling non-linear relationships with SPSS

In this video Jarlath Quinn shows how you can move beyond simple linear regression to model curvilinear relationships using techniques such as variable transformations and quadratic regression before finally exploring how log-log regression can be used to model price elasticity of demand.

An introduction to moderation analysis

In this two-part video series Jarlath Quinn shows how to perform Moderation and Mediation analysis using the PROCESS macro developed by Andrew F. Hayes P.hD. In Part 1 Jarlath explores Moderation analysis. This form of analysis enables analysts to identify interaction effects that alter the relationship between a dependent and independent variable. For example, the relationship between salary and …

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What’s new in SPSS Statistics 28.0.1?

IBM has just announced the general availability of IBM SPSS Statistics 28.0.1. This modification release introduces new statistical tests, enhancements to existing procedures and functional enhancements that will improve everyday usability. In this blog post we outline some of the new features and functionality.  New statistical procedures and algorithm enhancements  Kernel Ridge Regression As part …

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What’s new in IBM SPSS Modeler 18.3?

SPSS Modeler is a robust data science software for professional analysts and data scientists. The software scales from supporting line-of-business predictive analysis to enterprise-scale implementation.Consisting of IBM SPSS Modeler Desktop 18.3 and IBM SPSS Modeler Server 18.3, SPSS Modeler delivers a robust predictive analytics solution for a holistic approach to predictive analytics. It brings predictive intelligence to decisions made by individuals, …

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What’s new in SPSS v28?

IBM is about to release the latest version of SPSS Statistics. Here’s a summary of some of the new enhancements that existing users can look forward to. Meta-analysis Meta-analysis is a well-established analytical approach that combines the results from a range of studies with a view to estimating the effect size of the treatment in question. …

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written equations on brown wooden board

Introduction to Power Analysis

In this series of ‘eat your greens‘ posts looking at core statistical concepts in more detail, we have looked closely at what a test of statistical significance actually is. In particular, we have focused on how to interpret the statistical probability value that various tests generate. This value, often labelled ‘P=’, ‘Prob’ or ‘Sig.’ in …

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