Working with variables in SPSS syntax

SPSS Syntax has long been exploited by expert analysts due to its flexibility, power and ease of learning. Syntax vastly increases users’ productivity by making it easier to:

  • Fix problems without re-doing everything
  • Carry out repetitive tasks more efficiently
  • Allow analysts to share their work with others
  • Provide a recorded audit trail for better governance
  • Automatically generate results and create scheduled batch jobs

In this series of videos we show you how to get to grips with SPSS syntax covering:

  • The basics of SPSS syntax
  • The grammatical structure of syntax
  • Getting help with syntax
  • Useful syntax procedures
  • Creating filters with syntax
  • Automating syntax with the SPSS Production Facility

Introduces the TO and ALL commands, working with temporary variables, renaming and deleting variables, reading or saving data with the DROP and KEEP subcommands and modifying output with syntax

Watch the other videos in this series

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