One-to-one guided consulting

If you are the first analyst in your organisation to be taking responsibility for the development of predictive analytics then one-to-one guided consulting is a great way to get moving and to quickly build momentum.

One-to-one guided consulting is a blend of formal skills transfer and practical on the job training. The focus and structure is entirely flexible and will be customised completely to your requirements.

The particular benefit of the one to one approach is that it enables training and skills transfer to be blended seamlessly with actual project work; producing output and models that you can put to work operationally in your organisation.

The ‘one to one’ approach is highly effective if you have small numbers of people involved in advanced analytics in your organisation or if you have a particular project that you have not tackled before and you need to get going with.  It is a great catalyst to getting results quickly.

As with other approaches our key differentiator is flexibility.  Programmes can be structured to suit your exact requirements in terms of content, time and phased delivery.  Delivery formats can also be blended allowing for some onsite, face to face delivery with additional elements being delivered as shorter online sessions.  Flexibility and focus on your organisations detailed requirements is the key.

Guided consulting can be delivered either to one or two people at a time.

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