Text analytics for surveys

If you have free text data from sources such as customer feedback systems, satisfaction surveys or employee questionnaires, then learn how this powerful software can automatically categorise responses, detect sentiment and integrate the results with numerical data for deeper insight.

Free text data is often thought to be difficult or time-consuming to analyse, so much so that in many organisations this kind of data is collected but then not really effectively analysed at all. This session is designed to show you how easy it is to analyse this kind of data and get real value from the research you’re doing.

During this webinar we covered:

  • How to read text data from spreadsheets or databases into SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys
  • How to harness SPSS’s in-built natural language processing (NLP) engine to automate the categorisation process and eliminate the time and expense of manual coding
  • How you can create your own reusable and sharable templates to work with responses to particular questions  or specific subject areas
  • How you can create your own custom libraries of phrases, acronyms and jargon to ensure accurate classification of your text responses
  • How to export the results for analysis in other tools such as IBM SPSS Statistics or your own third party analysis tool.

Download the materials from this event here or watch the recording of the webinar.

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