Enhancing the power of SPSS Modeler with Regular Expressions

Regular expressions have become the de facto way to undertake any kind of string/text handling. They underpin search engines, text analytics and word processors. The catch is that “REGEX” is effectively a programming language in itself which requires learning and typically a lot of trial and error.

The new RX nodes in IBM SPSS Modeler extend the Visual Data Science approach of SPSS Modeler itself to Regular Expression handling.

In this webinar we demonstrate how you can use the power of REGEX to perform the most typical text handling tasks, without the pain of learning yet another programming language.

Who should view this webinar?

This webinar is aimed at anyone who is currently using SPSS Modeler and would like to learn how our new REGEX nodes can enhance its analytical capabilities.

Watch a recording of this webinar or download the event slides here.

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