Writing IBM SPSS Statistics extension commands

If you’re familiar with programming languages such as Python or R then you can use them to extend the functionality of SPSS, automate more processes and make your jobs more stable and robust. This white paper tells you how to develop such IBM SPSS Statistics extension commands.


  1. Introduction to extension commands
    • Integration plugins
    • XML specification of Syntax Diagram
    • Implementation code
    • Deploying an extension command
  2. Examples of extension commands
    • Wrapping around an existing Python function: PARETO
    • Wrapping around an existing R function: polychor
    • Implementation code
  3. Extension schema element reference
    • Command element
    • Parameter element
    • EnumValue element
    • Subcommand element
    • Working with arbitrary tokens
    • Examples
  4. Appendices
    • Modifying the Python code
    • Extracting translatable text
    • Translating the pot file
    • Installing the mo files
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