R and SPSS Software – everyone wins

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the benefits of using R and SPSS together, rather than simply trying to go it alone with R. With SPSS software, R users get access to superior data management, a point-and-click interface, presentation-quality output and improved scalability. SPSS software users get access to a rich, ever-expanding collection of statistical analysis and graphing libraries to help them gain deeper insights from their data.

Using R and SPSS together offers the most of both worlds. SPSS software can run R syntax from your SPSS interface. You can augment the powerful data manipulation, statistical analysis and predictive algorithms already in SPSS software with custom R code for additional power and flexibility. You can conduct custom analysis, create and work with output and integrate new insights into your analysis plans. In addition, with the SPSS Custom Dialog Builder, you can share and reuse R code with those who would benefit from the new analysis options but choose not to use programming for analysis. Developers can focus on writing code while users can focus on analysis and use R-based functionality without learning R.

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