Customer Analytics for Dummies eBook

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  1. Understanding customer analytics
    • Handling big data problems
    • Mining data for insights
    • Visualising your results
  2. Acquiring and segmenting valuable customers
    • Acquiring the ideal customer
    • Using segmentation techniques
    • Identifying customer preferences through micro segmentation
  3. Recognising customer lifetime value
    • Defining CLV
    • Looking at best practices for CLV
    • Getting started with predictive modelling
    • Personalising cross sells and up sells
  4. Enhancing customer loyalty and retention
    • Coping with customer churn
    • Increasing customer retention
    • Operationalising analytics to make better decisions
    • Growing customer loyalty and advocacy
  5. Extracting value out of social media
    • Seeing social analytics in action
    • Employing sentiment analysis
    • Incorporating all data types
  6. Ten ways to get started with customer analytics
    • Start with the right strategic end in mind
    • Ask the right questions
    • Clarify your objectives
    • Choose your success metrics
    • Secure leadership and IT buy-in before you start
    • Get the right people for the job
    • Evaluate your data
    • Pick the right tools to complete the project
    • Develop your analytics plan
    • Execute!
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