How do I transfer my SPSS licence to another PC?

If you have installed SPSS on one machine and then need to move it to another machine then here’s the process for doing so.

  • Begin by starting the SPSS License Authorisation Wizard
  • Go to Start -> All Programs / Applications -> IBM SPSS Statistics -> SPSS License Authorization Wizard (LAW)
  • Allow the program to make changes to your machine by selecting ‘Yes’ when asked on screen
  • Follow the on screen instructions until presented with the following dialog box…

  • Call or email Smart Vision support and let us have the machine lock code
  • Once we have the activation code and the machine lock code of the current install we will then work with IBM to ‘unlock’ the code
  • This process normally takes 24 hours to complete
  • Once unlocked you will be able to use the activation code to install on a new PC