How can I activate my SPSS license on a machine without internet access?

From time to time we come across IBM SPSS Statistics or Modeler customers who need to install the product on a computer without internet access, or who have a firewall that is preventing the License Activation Wizard from working. It is still possible to install your software in this situation – simply follow the instructions below.

First, the license key administrator should go to the page where the authorization code is generated  (see the example below) and click on the authorization code.

This will take you to a page that asks for the lock code, as per the screenshot below.

The lock code is a unique identification number linked to a particular machine. You can get your lock code by opening the licence activation wizard (installed on your machine at the same time as you installed the software). Click ‘next’ and you should see the lock code, as per the screen shot below.

Note that if you are running a concurrent licence then you will need to run the file ‘echoid’ on the command line from the concurrent licence manager installation in order to get the lock code.

One the administrator has the lock code for your machine they should enter this into the license key centre screen and click activate. This then generates the full licence code. Click on the licence code to generate the full text of the code, which the administrator then needs to give to you. You should then enter this code in to the licence authorization wizard screen that asks you to enter the licence code. The software should then be activated. 

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