“How to…” in SPSS Modeler

These videos show you how to get to grips with some of the most useful functions of SPSS Modeler.

Introduction to the filter node in SPSS Modeler

Sometimes you may have problems with your data issues not related so much to the values of the data but to the fields themselves, such as awkward field names. The filter node is a really useful tool that offers a bunch of tricks for dealing with awkward fields.

Introduction to the data audit node in SPSS Modeler

The data audit node is a powerful tool you can use to help understand the shape and structure of your data before your analysis begins. You can also make some decisions here regarding how you might want to clean up your data, for example by dealing with missing values or extremes and outliers.

What If Analysis using IBM SPSS Modeler Premium

In this short video Jarlath Quinn demonstrates how to use the powerful simulation tools within IBM SPSS Modeler to perform What If analysis (also known as ‘Scenario Planning’). What if analysis allows business-focused analysts to go beyond simple predictive modelling to evaluate the impact of different choices and scenarios on predicted outcomes.

Predicting asset failure using IBM SPSS Modeler

This video shows you how organisations with substantial capital assets can use IBM SPSS Modeler to predict when asset failure is most likely. Predicting asset failure can prevent problems before they happen and enables organisations to save money, reduce asset downtime and increase efficiency.

Building a predictive model in SPSS Modeler

If you are considering making your first foray into predictive analytics or are interested in seeing the automated capabilities of IBM’s flagship analytical platform, this video will demonstrate the power and ease of building a predictive model in SPSS Modeler.

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