Introduction to the filter node in SPSS Modeler

This is the third in a regular series of videos about SPSS Modeler, designed to help you better understand some of the functions that are available within the package. If you’re an experienced user or you have been on one of our training courses then you’ll probably already be familiar with most of these, but if you’re a new user, you’re self-taught, or you’re currently evaluating the software then there’s likely to be a number of things in these videos that you’ll find helpful.

Sometimes you may have problems with your data issues not related so much to the values of the data but to the fields themselves, such as awkward field names. The filter node is a really useful tool that offers a bunch of tricks for dealing with awkward fields. Using the filter node you can quickly and simply:

  • Exclude particular unwanted fields from your analysis
  • Rename fields on the fly
  • Quickly and easily clean up awkward field names such as those with spaces or containing irregular characters
  • Truncate field names that are too long
  • Toggle between removing and including all fields
  • Identify duplicates for renaming or removal
  • Anonymise field names before sharing your dataset
  • Simply filter out all the fields that aren’t used in a particular model


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