Introduction to the generate menu in SPSS Modeler

This is the second in a regular series of videos about SPSS Modeler, designed to help you better understand some of the functions that are available within the package. If you’re an experienced user or you have been on one of our training courses then you’ll probably already be familiar with most of these, but if you’re a new user, you’re self-taught, or you’re currently evaluating the software then there’s likely to be a number of things in these videos that you’ll find helpful.

SPSS Modeler generate menu – the super-quick way to create new fields


If you watched the previous video in this series you’ll have seen the generate menu in use already, but it’s got lot of other features and functions that people often don’t pay enough attention to. Used correctly, the generate menu offers analysts some substantial time saving benefits. Watch this video to learn more about how you can use the generate menu to:-

  • Very quickly filter your data and create subsets of data containing only those variables that you’re interested in
  • Work with charts, for example generating new variables in your data based on binning (automatic or manual) in your chart
  • Collapsing groups together in your data
  • Creating flag fields – indicators that point out unusual or anomalous relationships
  • Balancing your data, for example if you want to rebalance your data so that 50% of your cases fall into a target group and the other 50% do not

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