How to work with variable sets in SPSS Statistics

This series of videos aims to help you get the best out of SPSS Statistics by using some tools and techniques that a lot of people don’t know about but that we know you’ll find useful.

Working with variable sets in SPSS Statistics

In this video we explore variable sets – a procedure in SPSS that allows you to generate subsets of variables or fields for display within dialogue boxes and in the data editor itself. This is particularly useful if you are working with a very wide dataset with lots of variables making it very hard to find the one you are looking for in order to run a particular procedure. You can find the ‘define variable sets’ procedure about half way down the ‘utilities’ menu in SPSS. This video shows you how you can use this functionality to group sets of variables together in whatever way makes sense for your analysis and then hide the variables you’re not working with to simplify your analysis.

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