How to change the defaults in SPSS Statistics

This series of videos aims to help you get the best out of SPSS Statistics by using some tools and techniques that a lot of people don’t know about but that we know you’ll find useful.

Changing the default settings of SPSS Statistics

SPSS enables quite a high level of customisation so you can set up the software in a way that enables you to be a lot more productive, however many people are unaware of just how powerful these customisation options are. In this video we explore the options edit menu and show you how you can:-

  • Change the default display from variable labels to variable names
  • Change the default order in which your variables are listed
  • Restrict the number of  datasets that can be open at any one time
  • Hide and display syntax and other elements in your SPSS output
  • Control which elements of SPSS output are shown by default
  • Change the default width of new fields created within SPSS
  • Change the default settings for two digit years
  • Change the order in which variables appear
  • Change the spelling dictionary being used by default
  • Set up to five custom currencies if you’re not only working in dollars
  • Select your default chart colour preferences and aspect ratio
  • Amend the system default look for pivot tables
  • Select which folder any new files are created in by default
  • Access all the procedures that have ever been run with a particular copy of SPSS via the syntax journal
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