Introduction to SPSS Statistics (up to 8 attendees)


Two days’ onsite training for up to 8 attendees

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All training will be delivered on your premises for a maximum of eight people.

Please note this training fee does not include expenses. Travel, subsistence and accommodation expenses (if relevant )will also be invoiced after the training is complete.

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This is the best value SPSS Statistics training that’s available on the market. For just £3,200 plus VAT you and seven colleagues will get two full days intensive introduction to SPSS Statistics led by one of our analytics training experts.

In this course you will learn all the essential concepts to start to using IBM SPSS Statistics effectively

You will learn:

  • How to get data in from the most typical sources and formats including Excel and CSV
  • How to prepare that data for analysis
  • The core concept
  • How to decide which analysis is appropriate to start answering your business/research questions

The course has a practical emphasis including hands-on exercises and time to ask questions. We don’t assume that you have used SPSS Statistics before.

  1. Introduction & overview
    • The analytical process
    • Getting familiar with SPSS Statistics
    • A typical session
  2. Reading data
    • Importing from Excel
    • Importing from Text
    • Reading data directly from a database
    • Opening SPSS files
  3. Variable properties
    • Summary of all of them
    • Reviewing through Variable View/Display Data File Information/Codebook
    • Modifying Directly in Variable view
    • Define Variable Properties
    • Copy Data Properties
    • Levels of Measurement
  4. Summarising data
    • Frequencies
    • Descriptives and Explore
    • Graphs
  5. Modifying data values
    • Visual Binning
    • Recode
  6. Computing new variables
    • With arithmetic
    • With functions
  7. Describing relationships between variables
    • Crosstabs
    • Means and Explore
    • An introduction to statistical significance testing
    • Graphs
  8. Analysing subsets of data
    • Select Cases
    • Split Files
  9. Wrap up and suggested next steps
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