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IBM SPSS Complex Samples

Two minute module overview

What’s in the Complex Samples module?

IBM SPSS Complex Samples provides the specialized planning tools and statistics you need when working with complex sample designs, such as stratified, clustered or multistage sampling.

  • This module of IBM SPSS Statistics is indispensable for survey and market researchers, public opinion researchers or social scientists seeking to reach more accurate conclusions when working with sample survey methodology. You can more accurately work with numerical and categorical outcomes in complex sample designs using two algorithms for analysis and prediction. In addition, you can use this module’s techniques to predict time to an event.
  • Operating systems supported: Windows, Mac, Linux

An inherent assumption of many classical statistical procedures is that the data represents a simple random sample drawn from the population of interest. The IBM SPSS Complex Samples module allows users to draw samples that are more complicated than simple random schemes.

Complex Samples also allows statistical analyses to be carried out that take account of the complex sampling scheme used in collecting the data. An example of this would be carrying out a chi square test to see if larger households are more likely to recycle glass than smaller households. Using Complex Samples, the researchers could calculate a more appropriate test statistic based on a sample where every 3rd house was sampled from a random selection of 50 streets in a town.

Complex Samples has two primary modes:

  • Using the Sampling Wizard, analysts can plan and carry out surveys by drawing samples according to complex designs and possibly analysing the sample later.
  • Using the Analysis Preparation Wizard, users can analyse sample data files that have already been obtained using complex sample designs.

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