What’s new in SPSS v28?

IBM is about to release the latest version of SPSS Statistics. Here’s a summary of some of the new enhancements that existing users can look forward to.


Meta-analysis is a well-established analytical approach that combines the results from a range of studies with a view to estimating the effect size of the treatment in question. Meta-analysis is especially powerful when a body of research consists of several studies with small sample sizes, or which exhibit conflicting results. Meta-analysis is often an important component of systematic reviews of research topics. Many SPSS users working in epidemiology, psychology and the pharma sector will no doubt welcome the addition of this functionality to the base version of IBM SPSS Statistics v28. The latest version of the software performs meta-analysis in three main ways:

  1. Meta-analysis of continuous outcomes: Raw data, pre-calculated effect size data
  2. Meta-analysis of binary outcomes: Raw data, pre-calculated effect size data
  3. Meta-regression
The Meta-Analysis for Continuous Outcomes main dialog

Graphical output from the Meta-Analysis for Continuous Outcomes procedure

Statistics Workbook

A key enhancement to the latest edition of SPSS, is the introduction of an optional workbook mode. This enables a notebook-like approach to working with syntax and output within the same window. Users can alter syntax and re-run procedures in order to update specific outputs thereby avoiding the need to delete earlier output content. The new Workbook option makes it easy to create new syntax blocks within the same workbook flow and to annotate existing work with notational paragraphs.

Output and syntax shown in the new Workbook mode

Relationship Maps

An additional data visualisation capability in the form of relationship maps is now included as standard in the software. Relationship maps are useful for illustrating how the values of multiple variables are related to each other by visually representing connections and influences through nodes and links. The nodes represent the variables and variable categories whereas the links show the degree of influence between the nodes. Larger nodes indicate greater frequency of occurrence with thicker interconnecting link lines illustrating greater co-occurrence.

Output from the Relationship Maps procedure

Side-Pane Table Editor

It’s now easier to edit tables with the introduction of the Side-Pane Table Editor. When users double click on tabular output, an editor appears displaying a side panel making it more straightforward to change the cell or table properties with fewer clicks.

Editing a table with Side-Pane Table Editor

High Contrast Accessibility

IBM SPSSS Statistics v28 now supports the high contrast mode in Windows. Mac users can also enable this mode by opening System Preferences, clicking Accessibility, and dragging the Display contrast slider to the desired level to adjust the contrast display.

IBM SPSS Statistics v28 in High Contrast mode

Power Analysis

A new Grid Values dialog now allows users to enter a series of power values rather than a single one. The resultant table shows estimates for all the required power values. This procedure has also been updated to offer the option of requesting an accompanying power curve graph.

Ratio Statistics

The Ratio Statistics procedure allows users to calculate statistics on the ratios of two variables. This is a commonly used method for analysts working with property assessment applications who are interested in calculating the ratios of estimated property values to sales prices. The procedure has been enhanced to conform to current property assessment practices as recommended by the International Association of Assessing Officers. As such, the procedure now includes the ability to calculate the coefficient of price-related bias (PRB) with an associated confidence interval.

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