TURF analysis with SPSS Statistics

In this video Jarlath Quinn introduces the popular TURF analysis technique and demonstrates how to apply it in IBM SPSS Statistics. TURF analysis is used in many industries to find the optimal sub-group of options from a wider portfolio in order to maximise their appeal to an audience or market. As such, TURF analysis is used to:

  • Find the best assortment of SKU’s that appeal to the largest group of customers
  • Identify the best 3 publications to reach the largest share of market
  • Discover the optimal assortment of services to entice the most new clients

Note, TURF analysis functionality is available as an SPSS Statistics extension (accessible via the Extension Hub) in v24 onwards. You can access the Extension Hub via the Extension menu, as per the screen grab below.

Once in the Extension Hub, simply search for “TURF” and install the extension.

If you are running an earlier version of SPSS then talk to us today about upgrading to the latest version in order to get access to TURF analysis.


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