Predictive promoter part 3 – scoring with a net promoter score model

In this video Jarlath shows how easy it is to take a previously built model that has been generated based on known outcomes and apply it to customer data where the outcome is not known.

Using the results from part 2 of this series, Jarlath applies the model to the hundreds of guests who have not provided a recommendation rating so that the hotel chain can estimate whether they are Detractors, Passives or Promoters.

At the end of the video we see how the solution was able to identify what the hotel management referred to as ‘Persuadables’ – these were high-spending guests whom the model predicted to be in the ‘Passive’ group. This related to a key objective in the case study whereby the Persuadables would be targeted with a special offer in order to convert them to ‘promoters’.

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