Predictive promoter part 1 – introducing predictive promoter scoring

This video introduces Smart Vision’s Predictive Promoter solution and shows how data science can be applied to net promoter scoring to help you gain a much deeper understanding of the factors driving your customer recommendation ratings and how you can take action to influence them influence them.

Jarlath provides a brief history of the concept of net promoter score before introducing the case study whereby Predictive Promoter was applied to data from the guests of a major hotel chain. The hotel chain’s management team wanted to address three key questions:

  1. Understand what transactional and operational factors are most strongly related to the score
  2. Estimate whether other hotel guests  are ‘Promoters’ or ‘Detractors’, even if they haven’t been asked to provide a score, and use these estimates to target high-spending  ‘Passives’ for a special offer
  3. Uncover patterns in customer comments/verbatim text that help to predict the guests’ recommendation scores

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