Why should charities invest in in-house predictive analytics?

Predictive analytics can really pay dividends for charities but I often find that such organisations are reluctant to invest in it or unsure of what value it can really bring. Smart Vision Europe has worked with quite a number of charities with the aim of helping them benefit from the power of predictive analytics. Over time, I’ve found that a number of common themes come up during the initial conversations with such organisations. The lovely people to whom we speak are working hard on behalf of their organisations and, regardless of the nature of the charity, tend to be wrestling […]

How charities can make better use of predictive analytics

People often think of predictive analytics as something that’s primarily useful for commercial organisations or is too expensive for charities to make use of, but this really isn’t the case. At Smart Vision we work with a wide range of charitable organisations, many of whom are using SPSS Statistics or SPSS Modeler software for data mining and analytics. The vast majority of these organisations use statistical analysis for programme delivery, outcomes measurement and policy work. It’s no secret that many need to do this in order to report back to grant making bodies. This is a fairly conventional use of […]