What’s new in SPSS v26?

This page presents a brief overview of key new features in SPSS  v26. For a more detailed discussion have a look at this blog post. These features bring much desired new statistical tests, enhancements to existing statistics and scripting procedures, and new production facility capabilities to the Classic user interface, which all originated from customer feedback. Here is what you can do with the new features in version 26:

Execute new quantile regression analysis

Compare two ROC curves

Run enhanced Bayesian procedures for one-way repeated measures ANOVA, one-sample binomial and one-sample poisson

Utilise Fleiss multiple rater kappa for improved survey analysis

Run MIXED, GENLINMIXED, and MATRIX scripting enhancements

Replace IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services for processing SPSS Statistics jobs with new production facility enhancements

These features are now available in SPSS Statistics 26, to see them in action view this brief demo video.

How to get these exciting new updates:

  • Quantile Regression is included in the Regression module and Standard edition
  • ROC Analysis is included in the Base edition
  • Bayesian procedures are included in the Advanced Statistics module and Standard edition
  • Fleiss Multiple Rater Kappa is included in the Base edition
  • MIXED and GENLINMIXED scripting enhancements are included in the Advanced Statistics module and Standard edition​
  • MATRIX Scripting Enhancements are included in the Base edition
  • Production Facility is included in the Base edition

How do I get SPSS v26?

If you’re already an SPSS customer then you’re probably entitled to a free upgrade to SPSS v26. Find out more about how to upgrade.