Free downloadable SPSS Table Looks


Download your free TableLooks now

How to apply TableLooks to your SPSS output

  1. Download the zip file to a folder of your choice and unzip the contents
  2. Save the TableLook files (*.stt) to a folder of choice e.g. CSmartVision
  3. Create some output in SPSS Statistics (e.g. a crosstab, frequency or descriptives table)
  4. Double-click the resultant output to activate it
  5. From the main menu click: Format > TableLooks
  6. Click the Browse button to find the folder where you stored those TableLook files
  7. Select a TableLook (e.g. Moody_Blues.stt)
  8. Click Open>OK and you’re done!

If you want to set any TableLook as the default, simply navigate to the SPSS Statistics Data window and from the main menu click Edit>Options and select the Pivot Tables tab, click Browse and navigate to the relevant folder to select your preferred TableLook.

Spice up your crosstabs with a selection of free downloadable SPSS Table Looks. You can use these SPSS Table Looks to change the look and feel of standard SPSS crosstabs and make your tables a little more exciting.

Chalk board

chalk board

Brick and stone

brick and stone

Beige and grey

beige black



Moody blues

moody blues

Red lines

red lines

St Patricky

st patricky

Old School

old school

Teal grey stripe 

teal grey stripe



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