Text Analytics with SPSS Modeler


This product is a downloadable PDF of the training notes from our Text Analytics with SPSS Modeler course, along with all the associated datasets. Using these notes you can quickly get up to speed with the basics of text analytics at your own pace.

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Text analytics allows analysts to turn qualitative data into quantitative information by creating a series of categories indicating, for example, if the customer had mentioned problems with billing, connection issues or simply stated how much they enjoyed the service. Alternatively, predictive maintenance applications can be developed that utilise the text from engineers’ reports in order to classify the nature of faults in assets such as aircraft engines or cellular phone masts. Often text analytics is applied simply to categorise the text itself so that manufacturers can monitor trends in social media related to their products or so that crime analysts can spot common patterns in fraudulent communications.

SPSS Modeler offers powerful text analytics capability and this course gives you everything you need to unlock the power of text analytics in SPSS Modeler.

What you will learn

  • Controlling the text extraction process
  • Defining types and creating custom dictionaries
  • Managing with text mining resource files
  • Creating categories manually
  • Creating categories automatically
  • Performing Text Link Analysis
  • Creating your own TLA rules
  • Working with Text Mining models

What will I get?

You’ll get access to a full set of training notes from our Text Analytics training course. The notes cover in detail everything that’s covered in that course, as a step-by-step teach yourself guide. Previously the only way to get hold of these notes would have been to book onto the training course, but we know it’s not always practical to do that so we’re making the notes available as a standalone product.

Who should buy these notes?

The notes give you everything you need to be able to teach yourself how to use SPSS Modeler for text analytics. The course assumes a basic familiarity with the operation of SPSS Modeler. They’ll be a useful resource that you can refer to again and again.

Can I get access to additional help once I have the notes?

Yes, our SPSS Boost service is ideal for this, and we also offer guided online training sessions completely tailored to your requirements.

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