Making the most of your survey research data


Virtually all survey research begins with a question. When do you plan to make a purchase? How much are you willing to pay? What do you need to do your job better? Why is this important? In fact, not much has changed about the types of questions that survey researchers have been asking for the better part of a century.

Just about everything else has changed, however. Today’s survey researchers can complete simple studies in less than a day. And the complex ones can go from questionnaire development to final analysis of the results in a week. Easy- to-use online tools make it possible for just about anyone to design, conduct and complete a survey with just a few clicks.

Survey research has grown to involve more than simply asking people questions. It’s become an increasingly important and sophisticated tool for decision makers who need to gain insights into potential problems and opportunities. These days, however, even the fastest—and most sophisticated— survey research can miss important input. But by combining traditional survey research results with predictive analytics and text analytics, it’s possible to develop models that can help predict behaviour. And that can help identify what drives the target audience to take action.


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