IBM SPSS Modeler Gold authorised user fixed term license


IBM SPSS Modeler Gold Keyless Authorised User Initial Fixed Term License + SW Subscription & Support 12 Months

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What am I buying?

12 month fixed term license for one named user. A fixed term license means that you pay an annual fee to access the software. This covers the cost of the software, maintenance and support. At the end of the year you can opt to renew your license if you wish or you can let it lapse at which point you would no longer have access to the software.

The license will be associated to a specific named individual /user. It can only be  installed on one computer (desktop or laptop) at any one time.  It is possible to transfer the install from one machine to another, for example if a user has a replacement computer issued or if the current user leaves your employ / has a change of role and a new person takes up the SPSS license.

About SPSS Modeler Gold

IBM SPSS Modeler Gold is the most comprehensive and sophisticated edition of the Modeler family. Modeler Gold extends the functionality of Modeler Premium to provide a complete server-based predictive analytics modelling and deployment platform. Modeler Gold includes the IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services platform to enable sharing and governance of key analytical assets across the enterprise as well as the scoring of models and integration with other IBM products and into operational systems. By including IBM SPSS Decision Management, Modeler Gold is able to combine business rules, predictive models, and optimisation in order to fully automate and optimise everyday business decisions.

Set up comprehensive predictive & prescriptive analytics architecture for your whole organisation with the ability to support end to end deployment processes.  Build and deploy predictive models directly into your business processes so people and systems can select the correct options and take the optimal decision every time. Analytical decision management combines predictive analytics with rules, scoring and optimization in your organization’s processes and operational systems to provide recommended actions at exactly yht right point on any process. SPSS Modeler Gold is also available on Cloud, these capabilities are available as a web-based monthly subscription service.

What happens after I place my order?

You have the option of paying for your product now using a credit card or of paying later via direct bank transfer or cheque. Your order won’t be confirmed until we have received payment. Once you have placed your order we will send you an invoice.

Once payment is received and your order is confirmed we will email you with information about how to electronically download your software. We will also give you an IBM Proof of Entitlement certificate. This will identify Smart Vision Europe Ltd as your support provider, it will give your customer number with IBM and clearly state exactly what products you have purchased along with the start and end dates for your support and maintenance.

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