Materials from previous events

Webinar recordings

CRISP DM introduction - learn how to manage your data mining projects effectively
Effective deployment and use of predictive models - getting the most out of your predictive models
Predictive Promoter - take your net promoter scoring to the next level
Step beyond spreadsheets - see how SPSS Statistics can take your analytics to the next level
Operational analytics - the power of predictive and preventative maintenance
Retaining your most valuable customers with predictive analytics - identifying your most valuable customers and understanding their needs
Predictive analytics for charities - using predictive analytics to maximise the value of charity donors
Data-driven segmentation - identifying segments in your customer data
Automating your analyses - getting started with SPSS syntax, macros and scripting
Getting started with SPSS Statistics - overview of the key things you need to know
Text analysis for surveys - simple techniques for analysing free-text fields in surveys
Customer retention - find out how predictive analytics can help you retain your best customers
Introduction to regression analysis - learn how to get started with simple regression techniques in IBM SPSS Statistics
Analytics for surveys and customer feedback - discover how simple analytics techniques can help you get more out of your survey and feedback data
Harnessing unstructured data with text mining - learn how to get the most from text data such as social media updates, emails and other customer communications
Understanding customer behaviour with predictive analytics - get behind the hype and see how predictive analytics can help you really understand your customers' behaviour
Predictive analytics in one hour - a no-nonsense guide showing you how to get started with predictive analytics
Getting started with decision trees in SPSS - see how this simple technique can help your business

Slides and handouts

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