Make better decisions

Knowing what has already happened is no longer enough

You also need to know what is likely to happen next and what actions your business needs to take in order to optimise outcomes.

IBM® SPSS® Decision Management helps you to automatically make high volume, optimised decisions at the point of contact to achieve improved results.

Using both predictive models and business rules to provide recommended next best actions, IBM SPSS Decision Management provides an end-to-end and self-improving system. The results of today's interactions are fed into the models and will be used to optimise the models that inform the next day's interactions.

  • Optimise and automate high volume decisions and deliver improved outcomes for specific business information
  • Collect information about results and use that intelligence to refine predictive models which in turn drive better future recommended actions
  • Make advanced predictive modeling techniques more widely available across the enterprise and reap the benefits of improved predictive capability
  • Operating systems supported: AIX, HP-UX, i family, Linux, Windows

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