Working with decision trees in SPSS Statistics

196 students

Decision trees are used extensively and widely within many predictive analytics applications. In this 90 minute video training course you will learn how decision trees can be used to build profiles of customers or employees as well as generate predictive models.

The training session will cover:

  • The uses and advantages of decision trees
  • Introduction to Chi-Square and the CHAID technique
  • Interpreting decision trees
  • Adjusting the algorithm to improve results
  • Applying predictive models with decision trees

You’ll also get a training pack including all the example data files and session outputs so that you can continue to study in your own time. You’ll also have permanent access to the video which you can watch again as many times as you like.

Who should buy this course?

  • Students and academics who need to use decision trees in their research
  • Researchers and analysts who are interested in building predictive models using decision trees
  • Business analysts and strategists making operational decisions based on data from within the organisation who want to ensure they’re making the right decisions
  • Anyone who is using SPSS Statistics and wants to understand how to build decision trees in the software

Part number TRCdtrees90


A veteran of the predictive analytics industry working under the auspices of SAS, IBM and SPSS, Jarlath is pre-sales director at Smart Vision Europe. He is one of the most experienced SPSS trainers in the industry.
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