Statistical and significance testing in SPSS Statistics

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In this 90 minute training session, you’ll learn how to choose the most appropriate statistical test of significance within SPSS Statistics for your data, as well as how to apply and interpret significance tests. The session will include:

  • The principles of significance testing
  • Variable types and levels of measurement
  • Parametric vs non-parametric tests
  • Understanding and applying tests for Crosstabs with Chi-Square
  • Comparing differences in means with T-Tests and Anova
  • Comparing relationships between numeric fields with correlations
  • Illustrating statistical relationships with error bars and scatterplots

As well as access to the video, you’ll get a training pack including all the example data files and session outputs so that you can continue to study in your own time. You’ll also have access to the video which you can watch again as many times as you like.

“The explanations were very clear, and I was very pleased with how much my understanding of the topics increased. The facilitator was excellent – Jarlath really made everything click for me.”

Previous course attendee

Who should buy this course?

  • Students and academics who need to use significance testing in their research
  • Researchers and analysts who want to ensure that their findings are robust
  • Marketers running split tests or who want to know if differences in campaign performance are meaningful
  • Business analysts and strategists making operational decisions based on data from within the organisation who want to ensure they’re making the right decisions
  • Anyone who is using SPSS Statistics and wants to understand how to perform significance testing in the software

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A veteran of the predictive analytics industry working under the auspices of SAS, IBM and SPSS, Jarlath is pre-sales director at Smart Vision Europe. He is one of the most experienced SPSS trainers in the industry.
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