Introduction to SPSS Modeler course

24 students

IBM® SPSS® Modeler is an analytical platform that enables organisations and researchers to uncover patterns in data and build predictive models to address key business outcomes. Moreover, aside from a suite of predictive algorithms, SPSS Modeler also contains an extensive array of analytical routines that include data segmentation procedures, association analysis, anomaly detection, feature selection and time series forecasting.

These analytical capabilities, coupled with Modeler’s rich functionality in the areas of data integration and preparation tasks, enable users build entire end-to-end applications from the reading of raw data files to the deployment of predictions and recommendations back to the business. As such, IBM® SPSS® Modeler is widely regarded and one of the most mature and powerful applications of its kind.

In this course, we will cover many of SPSS Modeler’s most useful concepts and procedures so that you can get the most out of the software in the shortest amount of time. If you can’t afford to take the time out of the office for a face-to-face training course then this online version is the next best thing.  The instructor, Jarlath Quinn, is one of the most experience SPSS trainers working today and brings his years of expertise and accessible approach to the design of this course.

In this course you will learn all the essential concepts to start to using IBM SPSS Modeler effectively. Check out the ‘curriculum’ tab for a full list of what’s covered.

What will I get if I sign up for this course?

  • A fully illustrated, 350 page training guide in PDF format worth £70
  • All the sample data files used to develop the course so you can work through the same examples as the instructor using the same data
  • Unlimited access to thirty different videos all covering key aspects of SPSS Modeler

How will I benefit?

  • Learn how to use SPSS Modeler at your own pace in a series of bite sized chunks
  • No need to take time out of the office for a full day of training – this course is divided into short videos making it ideal for you to fit in whenever you have time
  • Permanent access to everything you need, so you can refer back to the training notes and video guides again and again
  • Structured course that takes you through all the basics from opening up SPSS Modeler for the first time through to building your own models and distributing your results.

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A veteran of the predictive analytics industry working under the auspices of SAS, IBM and SPSS, Jarlath is pre-sales director at Smart Vision Europe. He is one of the most experienced SPSS trainers in the industry.
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