Building predictive models in SPSS Modeler

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Building and Applying Predictive Models in IBM SPSS Modeler training webinar

In this training session, you will learn how to generate and evaluate predictive models in IBM SPSS Modeler before applying them to new datasets to drive better decisions. During the session you will learn:

  • An overview of the CRISP-DM process – If you’re planning a data mining or modelling project it’s vital to use a robust and well-proven methodology. The CRISP-DM methodology provides a structured approach to planning a data mining project. You’ll gain an insight into each of the elements of the CRISP DM model and understand how you can use it to plan and execute your own data mining and modelling projects.
  • An overview of modelling techniques – You’ll learn about the different types of modelling that are possible within SPSS Modeler and how to decide which is most appropriate for your projects.
  • How to define model inputs and target fields – Setting up your model by correctly defining which variable you are trying to predict and which variables are suitable to put into your predictive model.
  • Creating a predictive model interactively using a decision tree algorithm – How to use one of the most popular and powerful modelling techniques to build a predictive model.
  • Using the Auto-Classifier node in SPSS Modeler to compare different modelling techniques – Determining which is the best modelling technique to use for your particular objectives and understanding which model is likely to give you the most accurate results.
  • Assessing model performance using charts and tables – Understanding how best to assess the accuracy of your model.
  • Using a predictive model to maximise profit – How you can use predictive modelling to enhance the profitability of your organisation.
  • Applying a model to generate predictions against current data – Deploying your model to influence the way in which the business makes decisions in real time.

You’ll also get a training pack including all the example data files and session outputs that you can refer to whenever you like, along with permanent access to the video recording which you can watch again as many times as you like.

There was a lot to take in but I felt the talk did a great job of getting so much content into the time frame without it being confusing. And having the material and video to look through now in my own time really helps.”

James Beaumont, Research Assistant, Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Who should buy this course?

This course will be useful to anyone who is currently using SPSS Modeler and wants to know how to get more out of it, or who is considering investing in SPSS Modeler for a project and wants to ensure that they are up to speed with how it works. You may also find this helpful if you have a general interest in predictive analytics and data modelling and would like a robust overview of how to build your own predictive models using one of the most powerful modelling tools available on the market today.

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A veteran of the predictive analytics industry working under the auspices of SAS, IBM and SPSS, Jarlath is pre-sales director at Smart Vision Europe. He is one of the most experienced SPSS trainers in the industry.
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