What ever happened to Data Collection Reports for Surveys?

The good news is, it is a product that is still very much alive and in development, albeit it has had a long history of ownership and name changes!

Back in the mists of time Data Collection Reports for Surveys was a staple component of the SPSS Market Research suite of tools. When the company SPSS and all its analytical software tools were acquired by IBM back in 2009 the full suite of tools were rebranded and Data Collection Reports for Surveys became IBM SPSS Survey Reporter. Arguably an improvement on its previous moniker which was a bit of a mouthful.

IBM SPSS Survey Reporter continued to deliver unstinting service, as a robust and sophisticated tabulations package. It continued to be a staple tool for research and data processing teams in market research agencies large and small and was also widely used client side by pretty much all of the large companies that had their own internal research functions.

More recently, as IBM continued to align and refine its strategy around its impressive advanced analytical product lines the tools that were more specifically focused on the market research sector were spun off. IBM divested this element of the SPSS product line to an organisation called UNICOM, an IBM Business Partner; this was back in 2015. If you are interested in this little episode of corporate history, you can read about it here.

At this point, IBM SPSS Survey Reporter got another minor re-brand. It became UNICOM Intelligent Reporter. Survey Reporter continues to faithfully deliver the same wide range of tabulations capability (more on that later) but under UNICOM’s governance.

So, where does Smart Vision Europe fit into this meandering tale? Well, Smart Vision Europe Ltd has maintained the authorisation to sell and support Unicom Intelligence Reporter (formerly Data Collection Reports for Surveys and then IBM SPSS Survey Reporter) because we have worked with our partners (Predictive Solutions) to develop additional value added functionality for SPSS Survey Reporter (oops! Intelligent Reporter) called Quaestio Pro. There is no additional charge for the Quaestio Pro elements, in fact our license agreement means we can provide these products at lower prices.

What Does Survey Reporter / Intelligent Reporter actually do?

Despite all its name changes over the years, SPSS Survey Reporter has continued to play to its strengths. It allows you to deliver findings to decision-makers faster and more effectively through the efficient production of useful and easy to read tables.

  • Gain the most value from customer feedback and survey research with this versatile reporting and visualization solution. Deliver the right information to the right person at the right time, helping them to quickly grasp the significance of your findings – and make smarter decisions.
  • Simple and intuitive to use, IBM SPSS Survey Reporter is designed specifically for information consumers and survey researchers who are interested in interactive reporting and determining key insights from survey data
  • Create interactive cross tabulations that reveal key patterns in survey data, and share them with internal or external clients who can use them to drill deeper into the underlying data
  • Create simple or complex filters and segment your data to reveal key insights that you and others and across the organization can act on
  • Easily and efficiently develop professional, interactive reports in an online environment, a desktop environment or both
  • Leverage integration with Microsoft office products such as Powerpoint and Excel to share key insights across the organization

For a more visual explanation of this product you can view our on demand webinar – Introduction to UNICOM Intelligence Reporter.

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