How SPSS can make tenant satisfaction surveys easier for social housing providers

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For more than a decade we have been helping social housing providers gain insight and understanding into how their tenants think they are performing by helping make it easier for them to analyse both their primary research data (usually collected from tenant satisfaction surveys) and other operational data. The matching and joining of tenant research data with operational data such as that relating to repairs, complaints and financial information provides unique visibility into both how satisfied tenants are with the housing provided, the services delivered by the provider and, crucially, what the key drivers of satisfaction or dissatisfaction actually are.  

Over the last ten years much of the work we’ve done with social housing providers was carried out under their own steam and based on their own internal policy initiatives. Whilst valuable, the activity was not standardised, nor was it sector-wide. This has now changed with the introduction of tenant satisfaction measurement (TSM) which is now standardised and mandated by the The Regulator of Social Housing.

The Regulator has created a new system for assessing how well social housing landlords in England are doing at providing good quality homes and services. In addition to introducing revised consumer standards, this involves a set of tenant satisfaction measures (TSMs) that social housing landlords must report on. People will be able to use these measures to understand how well landlords are doing.

Smart Vision Europe has considerable experience and expertise in helping social housing landlords in precisely this type of TSM undertaking. The combination of industry-leading SPSS software and our tailored and flexible consulting and training services helps to ensure that the housing associations that we work with are ready to meet and surpass the expectations of mandatory TSM.  

Here’s how we can also assist you and your organisation with tenant satisfaction measurement:  

We will be able to assist you in the set up of your analytical infrastructure, the design of your analytical processes and the production of the required output to meet the Tenant Satisfaction Measurement requirements. We can guarantee that we can work with you to deliver TSM analytics affordably and in a matter of weeks from start to finish, leaving your organisation with the skills and capabilities to operate on a self-sufficient basis.

Why should your Social Housing Organisation work with Smart Vision Europe?

We add value and ensure value for money in many ways that will benefit your operations beyond TSM. A whole spectrum of social housing organisations across the UK choose to work with Smart Vision Europe because, beyond providing the best statistical and data science software, we offer real added value to help our housing clients get the very best return on their investment in analytics. We will provide you with:

  • Excellent advice, guidance and support to ensure that you make the right investment decision and at the most competitive prices. All delivered by our experienced, friendly, flexible and knowledgeable team.
  • Unrivalled technical, and end user support to ensure that your SPSS solution is delivered and implemented quickly with minimal fuss. Once up and running our Technical Support Team are on hand to provide the support you need, when you need it.
  • All our clients who invest in SPSS and our wider data science capability are granted free of charge access to the full range of our online and self paced training programmes. The online training catalogue covers the full range of SPSS, statistical and data science course.
  • Access to our expert training and consulting team who can be hired to assist your analytics and data science projects beyond TSM. We work with our social housing clients flexibly, ensuring we adapt to suit your specific requirements and meet your analytical objectives.
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