About Us

Smart Vision Europe was established in 2011 as a solution partner to IBM. Its founder, Berni Simmons, has over twenty years experience in the data mining and predictive analytics business, much of it working for SPSS as sales and marketing director for Northern Europe and then marketing director EMEA. His Smart Vision colleagues also have many years of experience in analytics, much of it gained within SPSS both pre and post its acquisition by IBM. This combined experience makes the Smart Vision team ideally suited to help your organisation apply predicitve analytics to solve business problems.

There’s a lot of hype around big data and predictive analytics right now. We aim to cut through that and help organisations like yours to start realising the benefits of predictive analytics with the minimum of fuss. By applying IBM predictive analytics to data you already have, we can help your organisation uncover patterns and relationships from which you can develop models that enable clear decision-making. This means you can improve business outcomes in many different types of situation from improved customer retention and loyalty to fraud detection and propensity modelling.