Unlock the power of R with BlueSky Statistics

Without question one of the most exciting and challenging developments in the advanced analytics and modelling area of the technology industry has been the advent and emergence of a vibrant open source analytical tools space.  Pre-eminent amongst the open source tool set is R. R is an incredibly powerful predictive and flexible analytics programming environment, and one in which Smart Vision Europe Ltd has significant expertise.

One of R’s great strengths is its flexibility and its ability to help data scientists to solve complex analytical problems.  However one of the challenges that an open source product with sophistication and complex ability brings is that as a programming environment the capabilities are not easy to access, unless the user is a competent and comfortable with writing code.  Having the right blend of analytical know how and familiarity and adeptness at coding seriously constrains the accessibility of an environment such as R for most users.

BlueSky Statistics addresses this problem.

Why BlueSky Statistics?

The rise of R as an open source tool set has given organisations the ability to access sophisticated predictive analytics capability with no investment attached to the software component.

The downside to this is that R is realistically only accessible to a relatively small subset of potential  users with a specific ‘programming focused’ skill set.  Whilst these high end, developer-grade coding skills are hugely valuable they are not the only ingredient that goes into successful use and adoption of analytics in a business.  It is also crucial to be able to fold business expertise and understanding into the analytical process.  This is especially important when it comes to actually using the results of a predictive analytical process to alter organisational behaviour.

BlueSky Statistics fills a crucial gap in the analytics continuum:

  • It allows non coding users to learn and use the power of R via a completely customisable Graphical User Interface
  • It maintains the ability to access this vast array of capability, provided by a programmatic environment such as R, at investment levels that are phenomenally competitive. A full commercial license for BlueSky is only £300.00
  • It allows expert R programmers to make sophisticated analytical processes and routines that they have developed  accessible to business-focused users

BlueSky Statistics provides a fully featured Statistics application and development framework built on the open source R project. The application provides an intuitive and familiar user interface that will be easy to adopt for any user of mainstream statistical applications such as SPSS or SAS.

BlueSky makes accessible the power of R for the analyst community by providing a feature rich Graphical User Interface (GUI) and output for a wide range of popular statistical, data mining, data transformation & manipulation and graphics commands, all out of the box.

BlueSky’s Custom Dialogue Development Framework provides a highly flexible development & configuration framework for designing, creating and deploying new statistical modules, applications or functions with fully featured graphical user interface and output, all through intuitive drag and drop user interfaces. There is no programming required to access this capability.


What are the BlueSky Statistics components?


BlueSky Application

  • Enable the user to open, browse, edit multiple datasets, create new datasets, add/remove variables, add/remove factor levels, recode, bin continuous values into categories and many other frequently used functions all via an intuitive graphical user interface.
  • From the core BlueSky application a use can access a wide range of popular statistics, data mining, data manipulation and exploratory data analysis functions.
  • The core application also enable access to the output of the analysis in a rich graphical user interface that supports tables, copy and paste into Office applications and export to popular formats like HTML, PDF.
  • The user of the BlueSky application can also run R programs directly and access associated output.

BlueSky Syntax Editor

Users of the BlueSky Statistics application are not constrained to using the graphical user interface. The syntax editor allows users to:

  • Create and execute their own R syntax directly.
  • Execute R programs in automated or batch mode.
  • Access and review all of the R syntax that any of the out of the box functions available in BlueSky Statistics applications generate when executed.
  • The Syntax Editor provides an easy way for users to learn and experiment with R by allowing them to not only type in R syntax but also inspect the R syntax associated with the out of the box functions available in the BlueSky Statistics application.
  • From the Syntax Editor a user is able to create, open and save R programs for reuse.

BlueSky Output Viewer

The BlueSky Output viewer allows users to share the results of their analysis including graphs, tables with peers, management team and / or customers.  It is not a prerequisite that recipients of output have access to the BlueSky Statistics application. This gives consumers of the analytics the interactivity available in the BlueSky Statistics application.

The BlueSky Statistics application also supports exporting the output to HTML, PDF and direct integration to Office applications.

BlueSky Dialog Designer

The BlueSky Dialog designer is an application development framework that allows a BlueSky user to create custom statistical modules and / or groups of functions and routines with a rich graphical user interface and output for any existing R function in any package or any new R function or package that might be created.

The BlueSky Dialog designer allows for the creation of a completely bespoke user interface and output definition for the statistics module or function in a zipped file.