Smart Vision works with many utilities companies and recently ran a seminar in London aimed at helping such organisations understand how to use predictive analytics for more effective asset maintenance. You can download the slides from this event to find out more.

  • Find out how Welsh Water reduces sewer flooding risk by using predictive analysis for preventative maintenance of its assets here.
  • Utilities companies use SPSS software to predict asset failure events. Find out more by downloading the slides from our recent seminar predictive maintenance for asset management.

Predicting asset failure using IBM SPSS Modeler

In this video Jarlath Quinn explains how organisations with substantial capital assets can use IBM SPSS Modeler to predict when these assets are most likely to fail, thus preventing problems before they happen, saving money, reducing asset downtime and increasing efficiency.

Using predictive maintenance to lower risk and save money

Predictive maintenance enables utility companies to use patterns in their operational data in order to determine the areas of greatest risk so that they can direct resources appropriately before risk becomes reality. For example, Smart Vision works with water companies who use predictive maintenance to identify likely points of failure in sewer systems, so that appropriate repairs can be made before the fault becomes a problem. 

Who can benefit from predictive maintenance? 

Predicitve maintenance is most commonly used by UK water companies but has much wider applicability, particularly in the following industries:

  • Water utilities – asset failure prediction, alarms management,
  • Aviation – part failure, health and safety
  • Automotive – assembly line continuity, warranty analysis
  • Insurance – repair cost prediction
  • Manufacturing – quality control