IBM SPSS products

Predictive analytical capability that delivers straight to your bottom line

Smart Vision Europe specialises in the implementation, support and integration of advanced analytical and predictive technologies for the enterprise.

We have chosen to partner with IBM in this area because we believe that, with the addition of SPSS to the IBM family, the solutions that are now available are without rival in the market.

There are several areas in which we feel the IBM SPSS offerings accelerate ahead of competitors.

  • Breadth and depth of data access, managment and analytical capability. The combination of these three areas (data access, management & analysis) delivers serious analytical productivity. Enabling your business to get more done, with improved analytical outcomes, in less time.
  • Accessibility of the analytical technology. In the hands of the numerate business-savvy user the power of this predictive analytical capability is phenomonal
  • Deployment and decision support. Having insightful, predictive analysis and modelling is one thing; putting that intellignece to use operationally is another. The IBM SPSS suite of products has this area covered with remarkable effectiveness.

To find out more on the specific products available follow the links below.