PS Quaestio Pro with Unicom Intelligence Reporter 12 month fixed term license first single user


PS  Quaestio Pro Single User Initial Fixed Term 12 Month License – first user. Note, additional users can be added to the license at a cost of £495. Click here to add more users.

This product is available for Windows only.

What am I buying?

A 12 month fixed term license for one user for one year. A fixed term license means that you pay an annual fee to access the software. This covers the cost of the software, maintenance and support. At the end of the year you can opt to renew your license if you wish or you can let it lapse at which point you would no longer have access to the software.

The license can be used by anyone in your organisation as long as only one person is using it at any one time.

What happens after I place my order?

You have the option of paying for your product now using a credit card or of paying later via direct bank transfer or cheque. Your order won’t be confirmed until we have received payment. Once you have placed your order we will send you an invoice.

Once payment is received and your order is confirmed we will email you with information about how to electronically download your software along with a statement of exactly what products you have purchased and the start and end dates for your support and maintenance.

Please note the prices shown here for Predictive Solutions products are only available in the UK and Ireland.

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