The benefits of analytics

What to expect as you develop your organisation's predictive capability

An effective application of predictive analytics can help your organisation to become much more customer-focused. Predictive analytics can give you a much deeper understanding of your customers – how they behave, what motivates them, and how to keep them interested. By bringing together customer data from multiple sources you'll be able to reap many benefits.

  • Efficient customer acquisition – use what you know of your existing customers to predict accurately which of your leads are most likely to convert

  • Profitable relationship development – understanding how your customers behave enables you to talk to them about the things that interest them

  • Managed retention – use your customer knowledge to identify those who are likely to defect so that you can take action before they do  

At a strategic business level predictive analytics allows you to control and reduce above the line expenses without damaging bottom line returns.  This means improved profitability. Every project is different but our customers typically experience benefits along these lines:

  • Almost 30% profit increase

  • Sales increase of 18%

  • Customer churn reduction from 15% to 20%

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