What people say about our events

Predictive analytics for marketers

“The most useful thing was the walk-through of the software and the re-iteration that data prep takes the most significant amount of time. Also the amount of time was perfect and I preferred the approach of not introducing everyone and discussing issues as often this does not end up with any meaningful result, it was better just asking the audience questions throughout. Perfectly presented (for me anyway)”

“It’s a completely different space to the usual marketing seminar topics and is really informative.”

Predictive analytics for digital channels

“I feel that I have a clearer understanding of what predictive analytics is and am encouraged by its potential uses.”

Predictive analytics in the real world

“I found the breakdown of the CRISP-DM methodology coupled with techniques and examples particularly useful. Otherwise the methodology would be fairly abstract and difficult to learn lessons from.”

“I have already started doing some Predictive Analytics work, and was comforting to know I was using the correct approach. I also found the end section on SPSS Modeller extremely interesting, and would be interested in using this software for my analysis in the future. It looked very user friendly.”

“You made what can be complex subject easy to understand and accessible. The mix of slides/demo was just about right.”

“It was very practical in the sense that case studies were able to be drawn on in each example and it was very non-salesy.”

“Real life examples, complex stats presented in laymen terms and great speakers”

“Thought provoking about how data is collected but only used in isolation in my own company”

Predictive analytics for database marketing

“It was great to see the speed and ease in which models could be built intuitively.”

Predictive analytics for B2B organisations

“Well-pitched presentation of product which is a good match for business needs.”

“It was interesting hearing how other businesses have used SPSS, also seeing a live demo was useful.”

“[It was good to] take a uniform approach to predictive analysis without using a set of criteria specific to one industry and applying to all.”

Analytics for surveys and customer feedback

“I really enjoyed watching your presentation. I found it to the point, well paced and instructive. Thank you very much for your insights.”